Money Back Guarantee

If your child doesn’t love Code Camp after day one, we’ll refund the remaining days.

We know choosing a School Holiday Activity your child will love can be difficult. One week they want to join jujitsu, the next week it’s circus-school and then finally they decide the trombone would be their perfect instrument. It can be hard to decide what activities to actually go ahead with and each one comes with a new uniform, pickup schedule and payment plan.

It’s for this exact reason that we have introduced our money back guarantee. If your child comes to day one at Code Camp and doesn’t enjoy it, we will refund the remaining days. We want every child to be able to create something really awesome without parents feeling anxious that their child isn’t going to love their experience.

We do ask parents to let us know why their child didn't enjoy their experience. Often there are things we can do turn a negative experience into a positive one.