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Code Camp is where parents find fun school holiday and after-school activities, that empower your kids to design, code and create, and spark a passion, so they can go and change the world with a smile on their face.

We also run fun and engaging
after-school programs!

Our after-school programs are so much fun children don't realise they're learning important coding and creative skills.

Little Coders After-School

Years 1-2
Discover the basics of coding and take your first steps to becoming a coding superstar!
Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Coders. It’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning! Over the term, our youngest students discover the basics of coding and take their first steps to becoming a coding superstar. Kids will learn drag & drop coding with if statements, algorithms and logic, and more within our bespoke learning platform, Code Camp World!
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Coding After-School

Years 3-6
Our popular coding program refreshed to incorporate weekly challenges, functions, algorithms, branching, variables, game logic, user experience and maths.
Coding after-school is an fun program with a new project each week, and the fun doesn’t have to stop after class! Your child will be provided with their very own Code Camp World account which they can use to continue creating at home and to share their projects with family and friends.
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School Holiday Programs

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Spark Coding

2 Days
Ages 7-12
For the future coders!
Our most popular camp where all kids aged 7-12 should start their Code Camp journey with drag & drop coding.
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Blast 3D

2 Days
Ages 8-13
Code a game in 3D!
Take your child's coding skills to another dimension as they build a 3D adventure game in pure JavaScript!
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YouTube Creators

2 Days
Ages 9-13
For the content creators!
For the vloggers, gamers, and budding content creators! Create, shoot and edit your own You-Tube style game review and how-to videos.
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Minecraft Minis

2 Days
Ages 5-7
For those with big imaginations!
Embark on a journey of creativity, learning, and endless fun exploring the magical pixelated world of Minecraft!
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Minecraft Engineers

2 Days
Ages 7-12
For the Minecraft fans!
At our newest holiday camp, programming, engineering and creativity come together within the wonderful world of Minecraft!
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Design Camp

2 Days
Ages 9-13
For kids with an eye for design!
Kids learn design fundamentals and use the latest digital tools to transform their ideas into an on-trend fashion collection and dreamy interior designs.
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My daughter went to Code Camp knowing not very much at all about coding, or had any clue about how games are constructed. She took to it as if she had been coding all her life! The teaching by the young team was amazing, she learned a new skill, made some new pals, had a lot of fun and gained a huge amount of confidence. It's great to give kids this kind of exposure to a new skill outside of school, where it feels less like learning and more like holiday club - can't recommend the course enough.


My daughter absolutely loved it - thank you so much!


Code Camp was an excellent experience and lots of fun. It was amazing how we got to code our very own games, which was an opportunity that I had to take. The staff were kind and supportive and always willing to help.


My daughter (age 9) attended in Jan 2018 and absolutely loved it, it's now her new favourite holiday camp! She didn't know any other children there, but after the kids days she had made some new friends and very keen to go back to the next camp!


My son loves Code Camp - he has attended three times and really enjoys it. The quality of teaching is excellent and there are plenty of breaks and time away from the screens. Highly recommended!


My children had a great time at Code Camp. Both my 8 year old novice programmer and my more experienced 11 year old enjoyed working with their app base system.