Blast 3D

2 day camp
8-13 year olds
Take your child's coding skills to another dimension as they build a 3D adventure game in pure JavaScript!
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Blast 3D, for coding rockstars!

It’s our most spectacular camp yet!

If your children loved coding with their favourite characters in Spark and Ignite, well get ready for unbelievable excitement when they see them come to life in 3D! This pure JavaScript camp is perfect for kids aged 8-13 who are looking to improve their coding skills and build an awesome adventure game.
Advanced coding
Make friends
3D games
Create an app
Design worlds
Continue at home
UK Wide
Loved by more than 100,000 kids

The Experience

Action-packed days of fun during the school holidays!
Why parents love Code Camp:
  • Incredibly fun, 2 to 3-day experience
  • Each child receives cool Code Camp swag
  • A fantastic project to show family and friends
  • Qualified teachers at every location
  • Daily email updates on your child's progress
  • Click here to read 890+ 5-star reviews

Action-Packed Days


Our friendly and experienced staff will be waiting to greet you at camp. Look out for our Camp Manager in an orange Code Camp t-shirt, they’re also a qualified teacher and first aid trained. Once you’ve signed in your child, it’s time to say goodbye to let your kids make new friends and then embark on their coding adventure!

You can drop off between 8:30 and 9:00 am, and pick-up between 3:30 and 4:00pm. Extended hours are available at certain locations.

Day One

Design, create & code!
During this camp, students will use pure JavaScript (the language of the web) to design and develop their own 3D adventure game based on a good vs evil storyline. With hundreds of assets to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Day One kicks off with building the game levels, basic coding to animate the characters, adding collectibles & scores.

Day Two

Coding a blockbuster 3D game!
On Day Two your child’s game goes next level!

They'll add story elements, introduce the baddies, how to gain and lose lives, and add some cool throwing elements.

It's all about brainstorming, designing, and then coding the fun elements that will set their game apart from the others.

Day Three

Ready for launch!
It’s the final day of  Blast 3D and we’re getting ready to unleash our game creations into the world for all to play!

Today we develop the epic battle round, add finishing touches, and some sound effects to make it pop!

We finish Blast 3D with an awards ceremony, recognising each child’s creative and coding achievements
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At Blast 3D your child will have fun and learn key skills:

JavaScript coding
Problem Solving
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Why Code Camp?

Qualified Teachers

Every location has professional school teachers with first aid qualifications

UK Wide

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Loved by more than 100,000 kids in UK, Australia and New York

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Perfect for friends

Refer a friend to Code Camp to join your child and go into the draw to win prizes, plus your friend saves £20!


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