DJ Camp

Ages 8-13

For the music creators of tomorrow - master the DJ basics with our instructors on industry-standard equipment!
Key Skills
  • Use cutting edge technology to mix songs
  • Solid understanding of song features
  • Prepare and perform a DJ set
  • Create and record a guest mix
  • DJ branding and marketing skills
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About DJ Camp

Created in collaboration with professional DJs, this camp is where your child will take their first steps into the exciting world of mixing music to create  unforgettable experiences. Over two days, your music makers of tomorrow will learn from real DJs and producers to create their very own mix and perform it  to their class on professional DJing equipment.

Plus everyone takes home a Code Camp t-shirt, wristband and  medal!


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Let's start at the very beginning to understand what DJing is really all about. We'll learn about song structure, counting beats and different genres.

Mix it up

It's time to plug in and play around on the decks to get a grip on what each control does. Our talented instructors will teach students all they need to know to start creating awesome sounds.

Raise the roof

On the final day, the UK's freshest DJs will perform a set to their biggest fans (their fellow classmates). They'll also get to take home their mix to debut to friends & family.

Student Showcase

Check out what kids have been creating at this camp!
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Code Camp World

Where your child becomes the creator! Get ongoing access to our coding platform so your child can continue coding beyond the last day of camp. It's packed with free tutorials to keep your kids engaged throughout the term!

DJ Camp

We've adapted our in-person camps into highly-engaging innovative online sessions!

How it works

  1. Choose a week of the school holidays below
  2. Your child will receive 2 hours of exciting and engaging coding activities per day
  3. Your child may log in at anytime during 9:30am - 1:00pm each day
  4. Our brilliant live tutor team will be online to help your kids code and create their own game over the week

After the week is over, your child can continue logging into Code Camp World to continue on their own, or they're welcome to try the next level (online or in-person)!

The same great content

Get exclusive access to brand-new, instructor-led videos delivered over five days to keep your kids engaged at home.

Live, one-on-one tutor support

Our instructors will be on hand via our purpose-built live chat feature from 9.30am to 1:00pm, Monday to Friday to assist your child with anything they need. 

Learn at your own pace

New tutorials will be released each morning - your child can choose when to complete their daily challenges.

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