Ten-Year-Old Lamar Helps Father Quit Smoking By Building Her Own Website

Josh Young
October 12, 2018 1:41 AM
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And she learnt how to do it at Code Camp... Lamar is a 10-year-old coder. She is located in Sydney's South and in grade five at school. Lamar has attended Code Camp for the past three years and loves attending the Code Camp each year.

"Coding is fun and challenging"
"It helps me with school when we do spreadsheets. Creating and using spreadsheets is actually like coding because you have to use special formulas to get what you want," she said. Lamar has also used her Code Camp skills to create a website. After growing more concerned about her father's health due to smoking, she put together this website designed to encourage her dad to quit smoking.Her website describes how she feels about smoking, how to quit, and the effects that smoking has on a person. "Smoking is very addictive, so when you take six puffs next second you take 100 puffs," she wrote.