3 Reasons Why Coding Is the Best Second Language for Your Child

October 12, 2018 1:40 AM
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By the time most kids in Australia enter years 9 and 10, they’ve had an opportunity to learn another language. While learning another spoken language is valuable, most students do not retain it. This is due to a number of reasons: the seeming irrelevance, the difficulty to maintain it due to a lack of exposure, disinterest etc. So why teach your kids coding instead (or as well as)? And how exactly are you to do that?

1. Coding is the only universal language

Coding is the world’s only universal language, which means that coders can work from anywhere in the world and for anyone in the world. The accessibility of this language is increasing, with influential people around the world committed to making coding education readily available. The United Arab Emirates have pledged to train one million young Arabs in what they’re calling ‘the language of the future’. Many countries including Australia, Argentina, South Korea, the UK and Saudi Arabia have also announced plans to roll out computer science as a part of their national curricula.

2. Coding isn’t limited to a particular sector

Coding is a skillset that can be transferred into whichever industry your child chooses to work in. Once you understand the computational thinking of one coding language, it’s easier to pick up the other – of which there are hundreds and thousands! Coding is woven into everything from t-shirts to shoes to exercise books, so it’s important to remain on the right side of automated technology.

3. It’s easy to practice

It’s difficult to maintain French or Spanish if you don’t have anyone around you that speaks these languages. While YouTube videos and apps are helpful, effective communication in any language requires a conversation between two people. Coding, in contrast, is easier to practice, because the person you’re speaking to is a computer. How are they supposed to learn? The national curriculum has begun to embed computer programming in schools. This is great, because it means our kids will be introduced to coding basics alongside their other subjects like Maths and English. We run holiday kids coding camps all over Australia, but there are also things like Code Academy, which is a free self-directed learning tool that anyone can access and learn from (including you!).