12 Family Movies That'll Inspire Your Kids To Create!

October 12, 2018 1:40 AM
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Hi amazing parents, So, family movie night’s coming up- what do you pick that entertains the family andinspires kids to be awesome creators? I’ve selected 12 incredible family films that show kids how technology, fun and creativity all come hand in hand. Who knows.. these flicks could get your kids inventing or exploring the world with new eyes. That means secretly learning a thing or two! (Parent hack of the day: using screen time to teach kids secret lessons). As a bonus for you, each film has an extra activity to get your kids feeling extra inspired- from robot toys to lego activities! 12. The Lego Movie, 2014 (Rated PG)

Construction worker Emmet must defeat Evil Lord Business in the crazy Lego Universe. What parents will love: Sarcasm and wit and real world lessons What kids will love: It’s crazy fun! Message for kids: “Everything is awesome” when you work together, girls are amazing in STEM (thanks to Lucy- a heroic main character whose an expert builder) and you can create if you just imagine the possibilities Follow up activities: Lego STEM activities see some activities hereFind it: iTunes AustraliaNetflix Australia or on dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers. 11. Big Hero 6, 2014 (Rated: PG)

Uninspired 14 year old Hiro discovers robotics and falls in love! but when tragedy strikes, he loses his passion until a hero is needed. What parents will love: Heart warming characters What kids will love: What child wouldn’t want to live in Big Hero’s futuristic city, “San Fransokyo” (Tokyo and San Francisco) Message for kids: STEM is a super power, resilience despite setbacks, aspire to seek big challenges and being smart is cool! Follow up activities: Cool robotics toys you can code and build Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers. 10. Meet The Robinsons, 2007 (Rated G)

Lucas is an inventor and an orphan. He invents a time travelling machine and in the process gets sucked into a dazzling futuristic world! What parents will love: Hope for the future and touching scenes with the message to “Keep moving forward” What kids will love: Quirky inventions and hilarious villains Message for kids: Keep looking ahead to make the future better, tinkering skills always come in handy and follow your dreams Follow up activities: 47 activities to get kids tinkering Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers.9. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, 2005 (Rated PG)

Willy Wonka creates a competition for children to win a golden ticket and visit his chocolate making factory. But Willy Wonka and his inventions aren’t all that they seem… What parents will love: Hilarious veiled jokes for adults What kids will love: Willy Wonka’s mischievous nature and the imaginative props and costumes Message for kids: Having a good heart is key to being a good inventor, using design and creations to give joy to others and daring to have big dreams Follow up activities: Charlie and the chocolate factory candy science activities Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia, Stan and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers.8. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, 2009 (Rated G)

Aspiring scientist Flint, doesn’t have much success with his inventions but he never gives up! What parents will love: Lead character Samantha, who champions girls to follow their passions What kids will love: The colourful and delicious animations Message for kids: Believing in your own creations, keep on going even if something doesn’t work and science is creative Follow up activities: 50 STEM activities for kids about the weather Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers.7. How To Train Your Dragon, 2010 (Rated PG)

Young viking Hiccup is set to become a dragon hunter, but he makes some startling discoveries that will change his community forever What parents will love: A courageous lead character who stands up for what he believes in What kids will love: That’s an easy one.. the epic story and swooping dragons Message for kids: Using science thinking to overcome problems, be curious, the importance of observing the world and using inventions to help others Follow up activities: How To Train Your Dragon an online game that integrates science concepts such as engineering and chemistry Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers.6. Wreck It Ralph, 2012 (Rated PG)

Video game character Wreck-It-Ralph is tired of playing the role of an evil player and sets off to prove he’s a real hero What parents will love: The empowering message that we are each our own heroes in the world What kids will love: Gaming references they’ll definitely know Message for kids: We can change the world by changing ourselves, don’t get caught up in stereotypes and code is magical Follow up activities: If your kids have been to Code Camp create arcade style games on Code Camp World (check out some videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEOW5vt9ADz2xetSD4wV0A ! if not, kids can make their own flappy bird game at code.org Find it: iTunes

 Australia, and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers.5. Star Wars Series, 1977-now (Rating PG)

“From A Galaxy Far, Far Away” In a faraway galaxy, a boy becomes part of a group that rebels against an evil army What parents will love: A story parents can love just as much as kids.. if not more 


What kids will love: Kick butt characters, goodies, baddies and epic obstacles! Message for kids: Imagine future technology, an introduction to autonomous robots, engineering is cool, the possibilities of space and space travel and be resourceful Follow up activities: Build a drone with the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit and more star wars themed activities for kids at home Find it: Various titles from the epic series can be found on Netflix Australia, iTunes Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers. From 2019, Star Wars can be found online on Disney’s own streaming service. 4. Tron legacy, 2010 (Rated PG)

Computer engineer Sam, is sucked into a virtual world after searching for his lost father What parents will love: The soundtrack and vivid imagery What kids will love: Big thrills and action scenes Message for kids: Fearless discovery, the future of virtual reality and technology and the creative world of mathematics (Tron’s “grid” is all lines and angles) Follow up activities: Play with “Augmented Reality” apps on your phone (real life mixed with digital) such as: “Pokemon Go”, “Let’s Stack” and “Star Walk”. Find these apps by typing their names in your phone’s app store Find it: iTunes

 Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers3. The Iron Giant, 2000 (Rated PG)

9 year old Hogarth discovers a gigantic robot from space and learns it’s not as mean as it looks What parents will love: Critically acclaimed story packed with wit and wisdom that speaks to adults What kids will love: The thought of having a huge robot as a friend! Message for kids: Prepares kids for a future with robots, think outside the box, embrace the unknown and be curious Follow up activities: Robotics activities for kids at home Find it: 

Netflix Australia, iTunes

 Australia, and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers2. Hugo, 2012 (Rated PG)

  Hugo is a 12 year old tinkerer that works in a train station maintaining clocks. When he needs to fix a special machine he discovers hidden secrets What parents will love: The ingenuity of Hugo What kids will love: Imagining themselves in Hugo’s whimsical world Message for kids: Dream of the possibilities, keep learning new things, kids can be creators and inventors and the future of robots Follow up activities: Build your own automaton at home Find it: iTunes

 Australia, Netflix Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailers1. Jurassic Park Series, 1993- 2015 (Rated PG)

Scientists discover a way to bring prehistoric dinosaurs back to life, but quickly realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew What parents will love: A classic movie that you can watch time and time again What kids will love: The action, thrills and huge dinosaurs Message for kids: Futuristic tech that’s almost a reality today (self driving cars and robots), with knowledge comes responsibility and scientific discovery is amazing Follow up activities: Museum, zoo or aquarium visit or visit a fossil site in AustraliaFind it: iTunes

 Australia and dvd at JB HiFi, Big W and other retailersHave fun watching! I hope that you enjoyed the selection of top family movies. Who knows- they could inspire your kids to be an amazing inventor and creator.. like NSW’s 2018 young person of the year, 17 year old Inventor Macinley Butson. Her inventions include: a device that protects women during radiation treatment and a device that improves solar panel technology. You can read more about her here. Stay amazing, Natalie. About Code CampCode Camp is on a mission to empower kids to create anything they can imagine, and to inspire 200,000 Australian tech superheroes by 2020!